Slideshow: A&P Newsletter - August 2020

Chief Kimberly Spears-McNatt wearing a mask
What's Your Why, Chief? - As part of the "What's Your Why" campaign, Chief Kimberly Spears-McNatt says she's dedicated to wearing her mask to see her fellow-Buckeyes back on campus as we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.
aerial view of the oval with distancing circles
Oval Circles - Students returning for autumn semester will see these physical distancing signs and white circles with Buckeye leaves urging them to live healthy lifestyles.
Several different COVID-19 precaution signs on campus
Signs Tell The Story - Signs are posted across campus in an effort to keep Buckeyes aware of COVID-19 precautions as they return for autumn semester.
Picture of Mirror Lake from the gazebo
Mirror Lake Beauty - As we continue to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, let’s take time to remember the beautiful things our campus has to offer. Mirror Lake is always pristine. Stop by and take in the wonderful sight to see.
UniPrint's new printing press
Ready to Run - UniPrint unveiled its new printing press. The machine, located in the Print Facility off Kenny Road, will be used by staff to fulfill your printing needs.
Three pictures of EHS staff helping with move-in.
Masked Move-In - Environmental Health and Safety helped with the move-in process for autumn semester. Thank you Cathy, Sharon, Shelli, Emma, Holly and Renee for your assistance!
FOD staff using electrostatic sprayers
So Fresh and So Clean - As part of the "What's Your Why" campaign, FOD staff use electrostatic sprayers to disinfect buildings on campus. They're disinfecting areas to keep students safe when returning to campus.
Sidewalk sign to stay 6-feet apart by RPAC
Bridging The Gap - A safety reminder on the sidewalk by RPAC. The facility will be packed with Buckeyes looking to stay fit as they return for autumn semester. These signs tell people to stay 6 feet apart while exercising.
FOD staff wearing masks to combat COVID-19
#MasksOnFOD - In a show of solidarity, FOD employees are showing they stand together as Buckeyes. They're all wearing their masks in an effort to combat the Coronavirus.
Hand sanitizer for riders on a CABS bus and signs on seats enforcing physical distancing.
Safety First - CABS buses have hand sanitizer ready for passenger use. Riders also will see signs on some seats, promoting physical distancing.
FOD landscaper cutting the grass and wearing a mask
Ready to Mow - Hard work and dedication! FOD's landscaping crews are out early and working diligently to beautify campus while following COVID-19 protocol.
CABS driver behind the wheel of a bus
Moving Right Along - As part of the "What's Your Why" campaign, CABS drivers pledge to work hard to keep all Buckeyes moving.
UniPrint employee wearing a mask by machinery
UniPrecautions - UniPrint crews are wearing their masks to protect themselves against the Coronavirus. They're working hard in the Print Facility to ensure all requests are processed efficiently and on time.

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