A&P Diversity Council - Rob Lemin

headshotFacilities Operations and Development, Medical Center District - Facilities Maintenance Technician Sr.

Since starting at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in 2009 as an entry level maintenance technician, I’ve worked at the university hospital campus, Cramblett Hall, Dodd Hall, and currently at The James.  In April 2014, I was selected to be the first maintenance technician in the new James tower, 6 months in advance of building completion, to build relationships and gain insight about the building components.  While at Ohio State, I’ve been involved with Quality Improvement initiatives with the Lean Six Sigma program and have been selected to mentor coworkers to help them get the necessary experience to move into maintenance positions at the university. I am excited to serve on this council and hope to gain some education and wisdom that I can pass on to others. I believe that, if only we would put ourselves in others’ shoes and try to see things from another’s perspective, it would serve to strengthen us as people. I hope to foster a work environment where everyone can feel safe and comfortable in their surroundings.