Flexible Work Agreement (FWA) Renewal Date

It is important for employees and managers to align on expectations for any ongoing flexible work arrangement. Staff working remotely in any capacity must have an online Flexible Work Agreement (FWA) on file, update it as needed throughout the year and are required to review and renew it annually to appropriately document their work locations for tax reporting purposes.

 To ensure FWA’s are up to date and establish a more efficient method for review, the Office of Administration and Planning will standardize the expiration date of all FWA’s to coincide with the end of each fiscal year (June 31). 

 Staff should take the following actions based on their current work arrangements. All agreements must be submitted online.

  • Working Remotely, FWA on File
    • Renew agreement by July 31 and set the expiration date for June 30, 2023. This includes staff who already submitted their agreement in 2022.
  • Working Remotely, No FWA on File
    • Submit a new agreement to coincide with the start of remote work and set the expiration date for June 30, 2023. 
  • Not Working Remotely, FWA on File
    • End the agreement with the appropriate effective date. 

Moving forward, staff will need to submit a new agreement or update their agreement throughout the year as needed and renew their agreement annually by June 30 each year. 

Manage Flexible Work Agreement (FWA)

  1. Visit the HR Connection website.
  2. At the top left side of the page, select “Submit a Request.”
  3. Select “Flexible Work Agreement” from featured items.
  4. Under “Agreement Type,” select “New”, “Renewal” or “End” as appropriate.
  5. View the Flexible Work Agreement job aid for instructions about how to complete and submit.

Any FWA that includes working out of state has additional steps and requires a broader review from HR and Legal.  Please contact your Human Resources consultant or business partner for additional information.

Read more about Flexible Work on the Office of Human Resources webpage.