Winter Wellness Challenge Participants Walk the Globe!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the YP4H Winter Wellness Step Challenge between the Office of Administration and Planning and the Office of Student Life this winter. Together, we walked more than 67 million steps, which equates to a trip around the globe! Be sure to check the Your Plan for Health website for future challenges so that you can connect with colleagues, learn tips and earn points for your activities.

Winner Highlights

  • Team with Highest Average # of Steps / Participant: A&P Steppers (352,431 per participant)
  • Team with Highest Total # of Steps: Student Life’s Stepping at Scott (3,026,988 total steps)
  • Most Individual Steps: A&P’s Jon Clark (736,049 total steps) and Student Life's Kevin Fincher (617,643 total steps)

Step Challenge Fun Facts

  • 52 teams
  • 310 participants (197 achieved 175,000+ steps)
  • 216,000+ average steps per participant
  • 67 million total steps
  • 33,568 miles traveled

Thank you for the ways you work to support a safe and healthy campus for the Buckeye community. As spring approaches, we continue to encourage you to take advantage of the variety of resources that Ohio State provides to help support your own health and wellness goals.

Submit new ideas for A&P YP4H challenges to Nicole Holman.