A Wild, Creative Time

group photo with people displaying art
A&P's fiscal team enjoyed a trip to Wild Goose Creative thanks to the A&P Fiscal Innovators who were awarded a Buckeye Wellness Innovator grant.
people showing artwork on a poster
Team members created a progressive drawing, where one person starts a drawing and another person continues it.
two people painting
The creative wellness event included activities like painting and drawing for all to enjoy.
two people painting
Participants were encouraged to explore their creative interests through paint.
close-up of paintbrushes
A close-up of paint brushes highlights one of the preferred art mediums for the day.
one person drawing
The progressive drawing continues where another has left off.

The A&P Fiscal team put their creative skills to the test during a recent trip to Wild Goose Creative, an event space intended to provide opportunities for participants to experience art and engage with each other. The trip was made possible thanks to A&P Fiscal Buckeye Wellness Innovators Camille Mack, Lindsey McCann, Ted Tobler and Mary Wehner, who were awarded a Buckeye Wellness Innovator grant for more than $400 through the Office of the University Chief Wellness Officer. The grant is designed to help develop new programs, encourage colleagues to live healthy lifestyles and plan activities for departments.

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