Wellness is Its Own Reward

Ohio State’s senior vice president of Administration and Planning (A&P) is getting high praise for his commitment to health and wellness. Jay Kasey received the OSU Wellness Executive Leadership Award at the virtual 2021 State of Health and Wellness in Buckeye Nation address.

The event featured updates about wellness efforts, initiatives by Buckeye Wellness Innovators and celebrated Wellness Leadership Award winners.

“We honor senior leadership who are so committed to health and well-being and have been instrumental in helping us build a fabulous culture,” said Dr. Bernadette Melnyk, vice president for health promotion, chief wellness officer and host of the event.

Dr. Melnylk said Kasey is a tremendous asset to the university’s health and wellness initiative. 

“You are an epitome of fabulous support,” said Dr. Melnyk. “You encourage your people to engage in programming. You give us total support, and for that we are very grateful to you.”

Kasey sets an example by prioritizing physical activity and healthy behaviors. The department’s employee engagement survey results suggested A&P emphasizes health and wellness. Kasey also holds virtual dialogue sessions with small groups of staff regarding diversity, inclusion and belonging.

“I think Ohio State gives you the opportunity to live out your personal life and your personal values,” Kasey said.

Kasey tries to stay fit, eat well and get adequate amounts of sleep. Ohio State affords him the liberty to work with people who have their careers aligned with health and wellness. He says they advise, motivate and set good examples for him.

“Our success in Administration and Planning has come from all the people who support us,” Kasey said. “From human resources to the wellness group that Bern[nadette Melnyk] manages to the folks who take care of our social and mental health. All those folks have an input into the everyday employee who works at OSU and we’ve benefitted because of that.”

Dr. Melnyk encourages the entire Ohio State community to stay active. 

“Do something every day out of your workday to improve your health and well-being,” Dr. Melnyk said.

Kasey also will receive $300 for A&P to invest in wellness initiatives for staff.