About Administration and Planning

We are dedicated to the day-to-day operations of the university!

Administration and Planning's six departments include the Department of Public SafetyFacilities Operations and Development, Transportation and Traffic ManagementPlanning, Architecture and Real Estate, UniPrint and WOSU

Shared Services teams, including Communications, Facilities Information and Technology Services , Finance as well as HR provide support to A&P departments and their customers.

Central Office

Jay Kasey

Jay Kasey

Senior Vice President

kasey.3@osu.edu | 614-292-3080

Jay Kasey has extensive experience leading and improving the operational performance of healthcare and academic campuses throughout the country.

Amy Burgess

Amy Burgess

Associate Vice President

burgess.97@osu.edu | 614-292-5162

Amy provides leadership and strategic direction on projects that support A&P and its business units and manages the preparation and coordination of Board of Trustees meeting materials.

Crystal Garrett

Executive Assistant

garrett.8@osu.edu | 614-292-3080

Crystal joined Administration and Planning in November 2014 and currently oversees the operations of the Senior Vice President for Administration and Planning.

Kevin King

Senior Director, Finance & IT

king.13@osu.edu | 614-292-5037

Kevin’s association with the university dates back to his days as a student, getting his bachelors (1981) and masters (1985) in Agricultural Economics. His doctorate work was in Higher Education Finance.

Jim Trzcinski

Director, Management Services

trzcinski.6@osu.edu | 614-688-1568

Metrics. Operational Excellence. Process Improvement. Management Engineering. Lean. Benchmarking. Just buzzwords in today’s market? Not at The Ohio State University, with its ongoing path toward being “One University.” Leading that effort for Administration and Planning is Jim Trzcinski.


Mark Conselyea

Vice President, Facilities Operations and Development

conselyea.1@osu.edu | 614-293-2562

Mark’s experience in health care operations, strategic planning, facility planning, design and construction, finance, policy, and leadership dates back to 1991.

Jeff Dible

Director, UniPrint

dible.3@osu.edu | 614-292-5312

With more than three decades of experience in the printing and copier industries, Jeff leads the UniPrint team and is responsible for the management of the department, including operations, customer service and finances.

Amanda Hoffsis

Vice President, Planning, Architecture and Real Estate

hoffsis.4@osu.edu | 614-292-5856

Amanda oversees all real estate services and campus planning initiatives, including all master plans and facility plans, major project design oversight, and strategic planning for the university’s physical environments.

Tom Holman photo

Tom Holman

Director, Transportation and Traffic Management

holman.30@osu.edu | 614-292-9113

Tom oversees the Campus Area Bus Service, on-demand paratransit service, charter bus service, vehicle rentals, university fleet services, traffic management for events and construction impacts, alternate transit, crosswalk analysis, and university management of the parking lease.

Monica M. Moll, PhD

Monica M. Moll, PhD

Director, Public Safety

moll.43@osu.edu | 614-292-2884

Monica is responsible for the operation of the five divisions within OSU’s Department of Public Safety: the Police Division, Communications & Security Technology, Emergency Management & Fire Prevention, Central Campus Security Services and Wexner Medical Center Security. 

Anthony Padgett Headshot

Anthony Padgett

General Manager


Anthony Padgett joined WOSU Public Media in March 2023. He previously served as the president and CEO of South Carolina ETV (SCETV).

Shared Services

dan hedman

Dan Hedman

Director, Marketing & Communications

hedman.11@osu.edu | 614-292-7672

Dan provides strategic direction for all aspects of internal and external communications and marketing to support the Office of Administration and Planning (A&P) and its business units.

Todd Hunter

Human Resources Business Partner

hunter.155@osu.edu | 614-688-3574

Todd oversees the recruiting and selection of department personnel, wage and salary administration, performance management and staff recognition initiatives, employee and labor relations, and records maintenance.

Headshot of Joe Porostosky

Joe Porostosky

Director, Facilities Information and Technology Services

porostosky.1@osu.edu | 614-688-2342

With a background in technology management, Joe provides an active and strategic leadership role within the university and continually redefines the way his group works by using technology in new and inventive ways.