Safety and Snacks

staff viewing presentation
The EHS Team listens to Cathy Black, an EHS Buckeye Wellness Innovator, as she provides an overview on the benefits of healthy snacking.
digital sign with purpose of snacks
Snacks are proven to provide a boost of energy and help curb appetites to prevent overeating until the next meal.
chickpea recipe card
A recipe card for roasted chickpeas was displayed alongside other healthy treats.
table with healthy snacks
A healthy snack table consisting of peanut butter protein balls, healthy cookie dough and roasted garlic chickpeas was available during the healthy snack presentation.

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) provides and maintains a safe and healthful work environment for the university community. They also find fun and creative ways to promote healthy lifestyles for their team.

In January, EHS Buckeye Wellness Innovator Cathy Black hosted a healthy food presentation for EHS staff, sharing a variety of healthy snacks and recipes for treats including peanut butter protein balls, healthy cookie dough dip and roasted chickpeas. Cathy also provided information about the purposes and benefits of healthy snacking. Recipes were previously shared by OSU Health Plan Health Coach Jessica Hernandez during A&P's Fall 2022 Wellness Retreat.