Elevate Your Brand: Rock Your LinkedIn Profile

On May 31, Office of Administration and Planning staff were invited to join Erica Banta, Director of Digital Learning Solutions at Ohio State, for a webinar about how to leverage LinkedIn and LinkedIn Learning.

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About the Session:
In alignment with career wellness, session participants learned how to leverage LinkedIn and LinkedIn Learning to elevate their personal brand and advance their professional and personal development. We will get to know LinkedIn as a platform, share ways we can build our network and maximize value, and talk beyond the profile with learning, development, and engagement. 


About Erica Banta:
Erica Banta is the Director of Digital Learning Solutions at The Ohio State University serving all staff and faculty in a variety of talent-related and Training fields.  With over 20 years in the training, learning, and leadership development fields, she has a passion for storytelling with data, emotional intelligence, microlearning, and embracing mindfulness.

Prior to joining Ohio State, Banta served as the Human Capital Manager over Learning and Development at the Ohio Department of Medicaid, the Regional Learning and Development leader for the Global Supply Chain Division of the GAP, and a Software Applications Analyst, Training and Development coordinator, and Adjunct Faculty member at Franklin University.  She has been a keynote speaker for the SOTA (State of Ohio Training Association) conference and has also presented “Kirkpatrick’s Model: Better Training through Evaluation” at the International Association of Corrections Training Professionals (IACTP) national conference. 

Banta holds an MBA with a focus on Leadership, and a BS in Business forensics and Business Administration.  She is also a certified Birkman Professional, a Leadership Practices Inventory Coach, and is a certified Leadership Development and Succession Strategist through the Human Capital Institute. 

Questions: Email Erica Banta at banta.28@osu.edu.