Slideshow: A&P Newsletter - November 2023

An exterior view from the drone of the Inpatient Hospital
A bird’s eye view of the Inpatient Hospital, on track to open in 2026.
Chief Spears-McNatt and Lt. Shankle smile for a photo
Lt. Shankle and Chief Spears-McNatt celebrating Lt. Shankle’s graduation from the Supervisor Training and Education Program (STEP).
A view of the Drake being demolished
The demolition of the Drake Performance Center has begun and will continue through January 2024 via Cannon Drive Phase II.
A view of a CABS bus that reads, "BEAT MICHIGAN"
A CABS bus spreading an important message leading up to the big game.
Demo on the laundry building
Demolition of the old Laundry Building is underway along Kenny Road to support deferred maintenance goals.
Several paper stars cut out and pasted to a pinboard with photos and names of veterans.
Veterans and their family members at FDC were recognized on Veteran’s Day.