Meet Bryan Shields - Buckeye Wellness Innovator

With 2024 already off to a running start, Buckeye Wellness Innovator Bryan Shields, UniPrint Optimization Specialist/Lab Printing Coordinator for Managed Print Services, sees the new year as an opportunity to start healthy habits for wellness and exercise.

Being an avid runner, Shields has made the effort to make exercise a priority.  “I do the treadmill or run outside any opportunity I can, but also chasing around kids and going for family walks. I think I have started 2024 with a good approach.”

As a wellness innovator, Shields says that he has learned that exercise is not only about physical wellness but also mental health.

“Personally, it is so much mental with confidence and how I carry myself. Days when I don’t feel like I am doing something to improve my wellness I feel like I am sluggish,” he said. “Wellness just simply isn’t your athletic ability, but your mental health as well. Dealing with everything in our lives from parents aging to having young kids, you see it on every side of the spectrum. Exercise and wellness is just so good for your balance.”

For 2024, one of Shield’s goals is to start being a better leader and champion for wellness within UniPrint. He hopes to share tips and tricks and encourage wellness with those around him while encouraging colleagues to choose what makes most sense for their individual needs.

“If anybody ever approaches me in confidence wanting to learn more about wellness or start healthy habits, I want to be a resource for them and tell people about everything Ohio State offers in terms of wellness,” Shields said.