Excellence in Performance and Wellness

Group of people signaling the letters O-H-I-O with arms and hands
Photo Credit: Buckeye Wellness. A&P’s Performance Excellence team attended Ohio State’s Health Athlete program that focused on personal energy management and wellness.

In early April, A&P’s Performance Excellence team joined other Buckeyes to focus on personal energy management and wellness through Ohio State’s Health Athlete program . Participants spend the day learning about the importance of one’s own personal story, how it can be used to affect behavior changes as well as strategies for maximizing energy and improving wellbeing.

Marci Tuckerman, senior project manager and buckeye wellness innovator, facilitated coordination and scheduling for the A&P Performance Excellence team. “Health Athlete walked us through realizing our best self and aligning our purpose with actions through energy management,” said Tuckerman. “There was a great mix of self-reflection, discussion and videos to keep the group engaged.”

The Health Athlete program offers day-long in-person sessions as well as a seven-week virtual series of one-hour classes to provide opportunities for staff working on campus as well as in hybrid or remote environments.

“The Health Athlete session is a wholistic approach to improve our overall health. Brenda and her team were effective and engaging,” said James Trzcinski, director of A&P Performance Excellence. "They helped us develop actionable steps to help ensure successful goal attainment. This was time well spent for our team.”

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