Wellness Challenge Participants Walk the Globe Two Years in a Row

Office of Administration and Planning and Office of Student Life Winter Wellness Step Challenge participants walked the distance of a trip around the globe for the second year in a row, topping out at more than 74 million steps together. Congratulations to all participants who took a step in the direction of wellness to kick-off 2024.

Winner Highlights

  • Team with the Highest # of Total Steps: SL We Will REC You! (3,267,743 total steps)
  • Team with Highest Average # of Steps / Participant: Lost in Pace (45,3479 per participant)
  • Most Individual Steps: A&P’s Jon Clark (780,000 total steps) and Student Life's Peter Miller (713,122 total steps)

Step Challenge Fun Facts

  • 60 teams
  • 326 participants (200 achieved 175,000+ steps)
  • 228,000 + average steps per participant
  • 74+ million total steps
  • 37,231 miles traveled

See 2023 Winter Wellness Challenge results to compare our collection progress! Submit new ideas for A&P YP4H challenges to Nicole Holman.