A&P Recognized as Ohio State's Buckeye Wellness Innovators of the Year

During Ohio State's annual State of Health and Wellness event, Administration and Planning (A&P) Buckeye Wellness Innovators (BWI) as well as Mary Wightman with East Hospital, were recognized by the Office of the Chief Wellness Officer as BWI's of the year. 

Highlights Include:

  • The Office of Administration and Planning Buckeye Wellness Innovator (BWI) team highlights department BWI’s, goals, resources and initiatives on their A&P website, in department emails, newsletters, digital signage and meetings to create awareness, excitement and interest in wellbeing, while promoting a culture of care for staff.
  • They partner with multiple areas, including A&P Diversity Council, Office of Student Life, College of Engineering and others on wellness events, like YP4H step challenges, and additional activities to foster connections across campus while highlighting the multiple wellness resources available to staff.
  • Wellness means different things to all of us, so staff are encouraged to explore their interest and share information with their colleagues.
  • Individual A&P departments also schedule activities that support multiple dimensions of wellness. Whether it’s hopping on the Buckeye Wellness blender bike to make healthy smoothies, participating in team standing or walking meetings, demonstrating proper breathing techniques, creating a wellness garden for staff to enjoy,  joining a community walk or run together and more, A&P BWIs bring creative ideas and energy to the table to tailor activities for their departmental needs.

Visit A&P's Health and Wellness Webpage